Vape Fruit

They are crooks by all means. Never disclose the lender agreement. They will hide lender contract agreement because their invoice bill of sale is different from what they report to creditors. Plus my sale rep was Robert then I got switched to Dave. Something about Dave charging every customer $500 extra on every vehicle to support his lost hair. these are some crook crackers. Make sure to never trust these used buy back cars with high miles and no warranty. You are just going to give them your hard earned money so they can screw your credit up.

Arthur Jaynes

I got a 2013 chevy suv it is absolutely a great place to get financing and britt and grace are great at what they do go on down and see them 100% recommend going there for all your cars and trucks and suvs

Dubb Sack

The smoothest car buying experience I have ever had! Michel, my salesman and Britt the sales manager, are some if the best guys in the car selling business you will encounter. They helped me when no one else would! Low down payment great quality car and the process took a little less than an hour. Unbelievable! Definitely check them out if you have less than desirable credit and need a very nice, reliable vehicle, they are your guys!

Nika Jackson

Luis @ Sign & Drive on Independence was absolutely amazing. I had been stressing for 2 days about purchasing a new vehicle because my transmission went out the past weekend in mine. I told him what I was looking for & what I had as far as my down payment & he worked his magic. When they say they got you, you better believe they gone do what they can. Britt was also wonderful. You can’t help but to be cheerful around him. He explained all my paperwork to me. If I had to do it all over again Sign & Drive will be my #1 choice!!! So if you’re looking for a dealership that’s going to work with you & help you get the car you desire please stop by & see these guys!!! You will love them!

Zach Hensel

Great car dealership. I tried selling my car to Britt and didn’t end up going through with it. However, we had an interesting interaction and if I were to buy a car from someone these guys would be a great option. Go see Brit if you have the chance!